Epoxy is the strongest floor you could think about installing, its two components, resin and hardener, create a strong coating that protects your flooring from even the most unexpected damages. Epoxy floors are encouraged for any flooring you may have, but nothing in this world is 100% perfect for every single person. Below we will discuss the pros and cons of an epoxy flooring system, and if you’re still not sure, give a professional a call.

· Maintenance could not be easier when it comes to epoxy floors and especially when you compare it to any other flooring type. For example, epoxy floors require occasional light mopping but daily sweeping is encouraged to keep your home or business hygienically appropriate. Wood floors, for another example, require deep cleans and must be treated delicately.
· Durability and resistance are unmatched by any other floor. Epoxy floors are resistant to abrasion damages, chemical and water damages, stain and oil damages, and even slip and fires. These floors are virtually indestructible when it comes to everyday life possibilities. These safety qualities are extremely desirable for homes with children and commercial properties that handle large volumes of foot traffic.
· Epoxy floors are beautiful, there is no way around that fact. They can mimic different floors while still providing the benefits of maintenance; meaning, an epoxy floor that resembles wood will not require the same delicate care that a real wood floor would. When finished, an epoxy floor has a high-gloss almost glass-like look to it that brings a sense of elegance into any property it is installed in. There are unlimited options for epoxy floor designs, colors, textures, and patterns can all be mixed and matched to truly represent your unique style.
· Longevity is a distinct quality that should never be overlooked. Epoxy floors last for decades, saving you thousands of dollars in maintenance, repairs, and replacements.

· Epoxy floor DIY kits are a waste of your time and your money. This truly leaves you with only the option of calling a professional to have your floors installed. The application process is vital to perform correctly to truly enjoy the experience of an epoxy floor.
· Installation can be hindered by circumstances that are out of your control and your contractors. Outside heat can negatively affect the final product of your flooring and if there is any moisture on the concrete itself, there will be an issue with the final color of the product.
· Epoxy that is used outside, understand constant sunshine, will discolor and damages quickly.
· While installation is taking place, it is required that you and any living plants or animals in the area are removed because of the intense odor a wet epoxy floor gives off. Prior to any application, professionals must have the proper attire to protect themselves.
· Epoxy, without asking for slip-resistant features, is actually slippery when wet. Making sure to mention anti-slip qualities is extremely important prior to installation.
Epoxy floors offer pros for those who desire those qualities and cons for others who don’t. Quite frankly, an epoxy floors pro far outweighs any negative you can find with these floors. The qualities they offer are incredibly hard to beat and if you can have your dream floor, wood, marble, tile, and it contain epoxy maintenance qualities, than why not?