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We are proud to be one of the top pool deck resurfacing companies in San Diego
We have all seen pool decking that has become damaged or faded with age or even pool decking that has just become outdated. When your pool decking has become damaged or faded, you are losing out on the performance your decking used to have and you are even exposed to a safety hazard as you can trip on cracks and slide on bald spots.
Well if you live in the San Diego area, we have a solution that can make your backyard beautiful again! With our pool deck resurfacing services, your backyard will be restored to its former glory!

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When it comes to pool deck resurfacing your concrete pool deck, there is no shortage of options that all come with their own unique looks and benefits. No matter what type of look you are going for or what specific needs you have, we can find the right method of pool deck resurfacing for you! Don’t worry if you are an artistic mind either, we can work with you to create the pool decking from your dreams because we will work side by side during the design process so your pool decking will truly be yours.
Below we have outlined a few of the materials we offer to our neighbors in San Diego. If you want a material that isn’t on this page, make sure to call us about its availability!
Concrete Pool Deck Repair


When you use a concrete overlay on your concrete pool deck you will be delighted to know that this material comes with a bounty of wonderful benefits that will make your pool decking both functional and beautiful. The concrete overlay can be applied in a way that will replicate a marbling effect that is both durable and provides grip even when wet when we use our special additive that replicates sand. When you use concrete overlay, you will have a truly unique pool decking.
Stained Concrete Pool Deck


While acid stained concrete is a staple in interior areas, it is also a wonderful method of pool decking that is both affordable and has its own unique features. Just like concrete overlay, stained concrete gets its traction from the special additive that is placed in the sealer. But, acid stained concrete has a smooth and straight forward appearance that can provide its own highs and lows that will give a unique appearance that is not uniform like traditional concrete.
concrete pool deck


Are you looking for a way to replicate stone, pavers or even wood but don’t want the texture that stamped concrete provides? Well, we have the solution that you need. Stenciled concrete is a marvelous way to replicate these materials without the overlaying process that can sometimes delaminate. Stenciled concrete is the process of using stencils one your concrete to form the material you wish to mimic and then we spray it down with acid stain to either replicate the color or use your own personal touch and use whatever color you like. This is one of the most affordable pool deck resurfacing techniques available.
stamped concrete pool deck


Stamped concrete is a one of a kind technique of pool deck resurfacing that can give you a concrete pool deck that looks like real stone, pavers or even wood! Stamped concrete can be applied right over your existing concrete, but we first have to grind it so the overlay can form a tight bond to your concrete slab. A stamped concrete overlay is like the upgraded version of a stenciled concrete finish as it gives you the lifelike version of what you are replicating. If a single color isn’t enough for you, we can use multiple stains to create the highs and lows so whatever you are replicating looks as real as possible.
Epoxy Flooring
San Diego
At Epoxy Flooring San Diego, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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When it comes to resurfacing your pool decking there is a ton of benefits that you stand to gain once you have this process completed.

Below we have outlined only a few of the many wonderful benefits that you can have when you use our pool deck resurfacing services:

  • Your home can actually gain thousands of dollars in value when you resurface your concrete pool deck. Did you know that if you try to sell your home with a damaged pool deck it may not pass inspection for a bank loan?
  • When you resurface your pool deck, your concrete pool decking will become a safer environment for everyone using the pool. A damaged and faded pool deck can burn your feet and even make you slip and fall into your pool.
  • Pool deck resurfacing can make you fall back in love with your backyard as you have the knowledge that you played a major role in the renovation of your concrete pool deck
pool concrete deck