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We know that the environment in your industrial facility can become harsh and your flooring needs to be able to stand up to these harsh conditions. When you have done your research you will find that the flooring options that can stand up to these environments are extremely limited and most of the time this flooring won’t really be customizable or even attractive for that matter.
For our neighbors in the San Diego area, we have the flooring you need for your industrial facility, and it is our industrial epoxy flooring. Allow us to give you some more information on our flooring systems.

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Industrial epoxy flooring is an extremely affordable and customizable flooring solution that stand withstand even the harshest environments that your facility can expose it to. If your facility is a specialty facility such as cold storage, data housing or a facility that is prone to moisture, don’t worry we have you covered as industrial epoxy flooring can be formulated to accommodate these special circumstances. So, no matter what kind of facility you own, industrial epoxy can supply many benefits that may be crucial to your facility and even give you benefits that you didn’t even know you needed!
Below we have outlined only a few of the many wonderful benefits of industrial epoxy flooring:
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Industrial epoxy flooring is one of the most durable if not the most durable flooring option available on the market today. Industrial epoxy flooring can stand up to heavy machinery, heavy vehicle traffic and even impact from dropped objects with minimal if any penalties at all! The strength of industrial epoxy flooring comes from the supertight bond that it forms with your concrete slab along with the use of only the highest grade materials that are available on the market.
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All of our past clients have told us how much they love how easy it is to maintain our industrial epoxy floor coating. It is so easy to maintain as it doesn’t require the use of any wax or polishing to keep its like new sparkle and shine. All you will need to do to keep your flooring looking like new is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop and a standard wet mop. And just like that your flooring will shine like new.
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We know that industrial facilities usually house or use some pretty rough chemicals on a daily basis so the flooring needs to be able to withstand some pretty harsh chemicals, and industrial epoxy flooring is extremely chemical resistant. It gains its chemical resistance through its solid top coat that isolates the chemical; all other moisture for that matter; on the surface for easy cleanup and disposal of the chemical that has been spilled.
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The flooring in many industrial facilities around the globe is usually kept captive by boring gray flooring that offers no customization but is used for its durability. When you decide to make the switch to use an industrial epoxy floor coating, you can kiss your boring flooring goodbye! With industrial epoxy flooring, you can customize your flooring with various colors, multi-colored or single colored flakes and even metallic pigments! Not only do we offer aesthetic upgrades, but we can also use the customization to make your facility more efficient by creating barriers, arrows and workflow paths that can even keep your facility safe and orderly.
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You know from experience just as much as we do that traditional flooring doesn’t last very long in industrial facilities as the requirements are monumental and the environment is very harsh. But what if we told you that industrial epoxy flooring can last over 20 years in your facility? We are proud to say that we supply some of the longest lasting floorings on the market to our neighbors in San Diego. The flooring is able to last this long as we only use the highest grade materials available to us along with professional preparation and install. These two things are the key to a long lasting flooring system.
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Industrial epoxy flooring offers the unique benefit of being able to make your area a brighter and overall safer facility. The industrial epoxy floor coating can use its highly reflective top coat to reflect light super effectively to the point that you can cut down on the number of additional lighting sources you will need to make your facility nice and bright. Not only will this make your facility safer, but it will also cut down on electricity costs and will save you money in the long run
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One of the top benefits of choosing an industrial epoxy floor coating is the fact that you won’t need to shut down your facility in order to install it. We understand that many business owners simply cannot afford to shut down their facility for weeks to install new flooring so we have found a way to work around you. We can either section off certain areas at a time or even use or quick cure epoxy systems that will be able to accept foot traffic in as little as an hour. No matter your circumstances we will work with you to get your new industrial epoxy flooring installed ASAP.
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The maintenance on your industrial epoxy flooring is extremely minimalistic but completely necessary to how long your industrial epoxy floor coating will last.

As explained earlier, all that is needed for a daily routine is a soft bristle broom or a dust mop along with a wet mop for your standard maintenance. But, for flooring that has become heavily soiled, maintenance may even be easier. You can simply use a hose to wash down your industrial epoxy flooring! If any residues or pesky stains remain after the wash, use a nylon brush along with CLR in circular motions to lift the residue or stain. And just like that, you’re on your way to a long lasting and beautiful flooring!
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