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San Diego Commercial Epoxy Flooring
We are proud to serve San Diego as a leading company in flooring.
We understand the high demands your commercial flooring faces. It must hold up well against constant traffic, frequent and harsh cleaning, dropped objects, spills, and other hazards while maintaining a clean, professional appearance. Commercial epoxy flooring in San Diego, CA can meet these demands and much more.
We proudly serve San Diego businesses with a range of high-performance commercial epoxy solutions that perform as great as they look. Regardless of your industry, we can help with long-lasting, durable, and beautiful commercial epoxy floor coatings in San Diego.

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What San Diego Commercial Epoxy Flooring Has to Offer

Commercial epoxy resin is a cost-effective and high-performance flooring solution that can withstand even the most demanding environments. Along with updating your commercial space, a commercial epoxy floor coating protects your concrete floor from cracks, spills, chemicals, and moisture. With a very low lifecycle cost and unrivaled strength, durability, performance, and aesthetics, commercial epoxy flooring can be an excellent fit for any industry. We offer a broad range of commercial epoxy flooring in San Diego customized to the needs of your facility.
Not sure if your business can benefit from commercial concrete floor epoxy? Here are some of the most important characteristics of our epoxy solutions.

Easy Maintenance and Cleaning

Commercial epoxy flooring offers something hard to come by with other commercial flooring solutions: minimal maintenance and the ability to handle even harsh cleaning protocols.
Commercial epoxy is a seamless installation with no cracks, joints, or seams for debris to hide. Cleaning an epoxy floor can be done quickly with a broom and mop with no waxing or polishing ever required to keep the floor looking pristine.
Commercial Flooring Solutions

Resists Wear and Abrasion

Many commercial flooring solutions look great at first but quickly show their age due to foot traffic, stains, tears, and other forms of wear.
Our commercial epoxy flooring in San Diego, CA offers excellent resistance to abrasion and wear, even from heavy traffic and dropped objects. This is why commercial epoxy resin is used frequently in the retail and automotive industries. You can count on your epoxy floor looking professional and clean for years to come.
Superior Tensile Strength

Superior Tensile Strength

Epoxy resin isn’t just strong; it has better tensile strength than the concrete floor beneath it. By bonding fully with the concrete, epoxy flooring makes it possible for your concrete floor to support heavy shelves of merchandise, heavy equipment, and even vehicle traffic.
This makes epoxy resin an ideal solution for warehouses, hospitals, auto shops, and more.
Hygienic and Easy to Sanitize

Hygienic and Easy to Sanitize

A commercial concrete epoxy coating is USDA-approved and the ideal way to maintain sanitary, safe conditions in the food and beverage and healthcare industries. WIth a seamless installation, our commercial epoxy resin solutions can be used in nursing homes, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and hospitals with nowhere for dirt and pathogens to become trapped.
Because it can withstand chemical exposure, epoxy is suitable even for operating rooms with strict hygiene requirements that require stringent disinfection. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in San Diego maintains a clean, hygienic kitchen environment while resisting damage from animal fats, oils, and other ingredients.
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Excellence Chemical Resistance

Many commercial settings can benefit from flooring that won’t deteriorate when exposed to chemicals like oils, lubricants, corrosive liquids, and harsh cleaning products. Commercial epoxy’s ability to resist damage from chemicals is one of its most important qualities and the reason it’s the top choice for industrial applications like manufacturing plants.
Auto shop epoxy flooring won’t break down in the presence of gasoline, lubricants, and oil. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy can stand up to dairy products, fats, oil, salt, and other ingredients that can eat into other flooring solutions.
Epoxy Concrete Coating

Reflectivity Brightens Any Space

A unique advantage of commercial epoxy flooring in San Diego is its high reflectivity which brightens the floor by up to 300%. If you opt for lighter colors, an epoxy concrete coating can make a retail space more inviting.
It also boosts visibility in workspaces, makes it easy to see objects that have fallen on the floor, and helps reduce electricity costs by reducing the need for more light fixtures.
Customized Flooring

Customized Flooring

A commercial epoxy floor coating in San Diego, CA may be utilitarian but it doesn’t need to look like it. We make it easy to customize the look and function of your floor with colors, patterns, and textures that can enhance your building’s decor and even boost safety. Commercial kitchen flooring epoxy in San Diego is usually light-colored to see dropped objects and brighten the kitchen but public areas may be highly decorative.
We can add your company logo for branding purposes, multiple colors or patterns for a decorative look, or striping to designate work areas and walking paths.
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At Epoxy Flooring San Diego, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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We Serve All Industries
Commercial floor epoxy in San Diego is a long-lasting and durable flooring solution.

We proudly serve all commercial industries in San Diego with cost-effective commercial epoxy flooring solutions. We will work with you to develop a commercial epoxy resin with characteristics designed for the unique needs of your business. Common industries and businesses we serve include:
  • Food and beverage industry such as commercial kitchens, cafeterias, and breweries
  • Auto shops and dealerships
  • Retail industry
  • Healthcare facilities like dental offices, nursing facilities, and hospitals
  • Educational facilities including colleges, elementary schools, locker rooms, and school bathrooms
Commercial Epoxy Flooring Solutions

Want to learn more about commercial epoxy flooring Services?

We stand behind our high-quality commercial epoxy flooring which offers durability and aesthetics with a low lifecycle cost. No matter what your industry, we can help with a customized commercial epoxy solution. Here are a few common questions we hear, but please reach out if you have any additional questions about epoxy flooring for your San Diego business.
How is the floor prepared for an epoxy floor system?
Because proper surface preparation is one of the most important steps for a long-lasting and resilient commercial epoxy floor coating, we take the time to do it right. Concrete must be free of damage, stains, and dust to allow the epoxy to bond properly. After removing any previous and incompatible coatings on your concrete, we will repair irregularities and fill cracks. A diamond grinder may also be used to open pores in the concrete to increase the strength of the bond.
What are the benefits of commercial epoxy?
There are almost too many benefits to list. Commercial epoxy flooring in San Diego is a long-lasting flooring solution for any industry with a lower lifecycle cost than most flooring systems. Epoxy can enhance the appearance of your facility and protect your existing flooring from a wide range of threats like corrosive liquids, extreme temperature, wear, abrasion, and moisture. Commercial epoxy is also slip-resistant and easy to clean with no seams or cracks.
Is commercial epoxy resin durable?
Yes, an epoxy floor is incredibly durable and can last for a decade or longer, even in a high-demand environment. With great resistance to wear, chemicals, and moisture, epoxy offers a very long lifespan with a low lifecycle cost. It’s also stronger than the concrete beneath it to withstand even very heavy loads and vehicle traffic.
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