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Whether you’re looking into sealing your concrete driveway, garage, or business building, we do it all. Our team is aware of the demands and pressures your floors face on any given day, but we want you to know that we are here to ensure your floors last through the years. Our team is made up of licensed professionals who have decades of combined experience. If you have a dream floor, we have a way to turn it into a reality.
Our team serves a number of different businesses around the San Diego area. No matter what you’re looking for, we can make it happen. For more information on where and what are services provide, give us a call today!

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What are some benefits of sealing concrete?

Concrete sealing is an easy, affordable, and quick way to ensure your concrete floors last for decades down the road. Driveways, and buildings that have had their concrete sealed have experienced long-lasting, durable, beautiful floors that resist any and all types of damages. We offer high-end service and materials for low-end prices because we love our work and we want you to love it too. For more information on our installation process and the benefits of concrete sealing, continue below:
Sealed Concrete San Diego


What does concrete sealing do for the concrete surfaces outside? Like your garage for example, how does sealing concrete help maintain the beautifully strong driveway you see every day? Without having your concrete sealed you run the risk of oxidation ruining your concrete, causing discoloration and a breakdown of your concrete overall. Your concrete will chip and break at the surface much more easily than it ever did in the past.
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Concrete, in and of itself, is naturally a very porous surface and would allow water to penetrate its pores. When you choose not to seal concrete in your driveway you are allowing water spills and moisture to seep through the cracks and create breeding grounds for mold and mildew to grow and prosper. Outside, your driveway in the colder months will have water within its foundation melting and freezing, thus, expanding within the concrete causing major cracks and shifts in the concrete’s foundation. Having your concrete sealed eliminates all of those possibilities.
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Although concrete is a strong and durable surface on its own, left out to exposure every single day will lead to a quick downfall. When the surface is constantly exposed to outside of elements breaking, chipping, and pealing are simple issues, that although may seem common, are all too avoidable. Sealing prevents damage by closing off the surface to outside exposure, creating a much longer lasting flooring solution to any building, or driveway.
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Most people don’t just want a driveway, they want a driveway that looks good while being a driveway. Any driveway can last around 25-30 years before it becomes absolutely necessary to have it repaired or replaced, however, discoloration, cracking, holes, and other damages may have you spending more money than you ever thought possible for a driveway. To help keep your money in your wallet, sealing off your concrete can keep your driveway around for 30 years and reduce the amount of money you pay for simple and low maintenance repairs.
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Have you ever noticed your neighbor’s driveway, the way it doesn’t have much color or shine to it? That’s because it hasn’t been sealed or the concrete wasn’t sealed by a professional; in any case, having your concrete driveway sealed can help encapsulate the driveways younger years. The sealing of your concrete helps reduces the look of aging and keeps your concretes color intact. This can help increase your homes curb appeal if you ever wish to sell your home.
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Concrete sealing helps create a clean environment where stains are avoidable, and spills are not harmful. Driveways and garages handle vehicle fluids that could stain, and breakdown unprotected concrete floors; however, a sealed concrete floor is resistant to common stains and chemical spills that would otherwise ruin a concrete floor.
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Maintenance & Hygiene

Sealed floors make for great clean floors. Because sealed floors are no longer porous, the sealant isolates a spill and allows for plenty of time to be cleaned up. Dust and debris are kept on the upper surface and are easily swept or mopped out of the way. Commercial and industrial properties, sometimes, have health code regulations that must be followed, and standards must be met, so with a sealed concrete floor meeting those requirements is much easier.
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At Epoxy Flooring San Diego, we have been doing commercial epoxy for almost 20 years. If you need help with commercial epoxy flooring and want a true professional on your side, give us a call today!
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Where and what concrete floors can be sealed?
Concrete sealing is affordable, long-lasting, and easy to do

Don’t trust a DIY kit or anyone who isn’t licensed. Our team is made up of individuals who have years of professional experience. Common areas for sealed concrete are:
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Retail shops
  • Car-dealer Shops
  • Industrial settings
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