As an increasingly popular choice for homes, businesses, and factory settings alike, epoxy floors are the most versatile options for flooring available. There are a number of different options of epoxy flooring to meet any and all needs you may have. Epoxy floors offer a variety of styles, for example, stamped epoxy floors can mimic wood, tile, or marble. Metallic epoxy is a decorative epoxy flooring option that is a true piece of art. These floors allow you to envision and create a 3D illusion for your floors. The professional installers who create these mesmerizing floors create one of a kind products that can never be repeated, even if they themselves tried to repeat the process. The unique and individual floors that are solely yours are only some of the fantastic qualities a metallic epoxy floor has.
Epoxy itself, as far as technology is concerned, offers many different options that will perfectly suit any need you have for your floors. Self-dispersing epoxy flooring is a common option for areas like warehouses or factories that handle packaging or food because they can handle heavy machinery and are extremely resistant to high-impact scenarios. Self-leveling epoxy floors are commonly used in residential areas because they cure with old concrete quickly. Once they have finished curing, they create a seamless and smooth surface that is highly coveted in kitchens, garages, dining rooms, and other living spaces. Next, you have the option of mortar epoxy flooring which is considered to be the strongest option available. This epoxy is used prior to laying other epoxy coatings down to help with any minor damages the concrete floor may have. Graveled epoxy floors almost look like off color-sand but give off a very decorative feel. Commercial settings have utilized these floors because they can be used for adding brand marks and details to epoxy floors. Terrazzo epoxy floors are another type of decorative epoxy floor, but these floors have a high gloss almost glass-like look to their finish. These are fantastic options for large business buildings, entrances to hotels, and school buildings. When I said technology, I wasn’t kidding. Epoxy has serious properties that are used in laboratories, hospitals, and military facilities: antistatic epoxy floor coatings. These floors are used in areas where a myriad of electronics are being used at once to keep a static free environment. Finally, for aesthetic purposes, flaked epoxy coatings almost look like polka dots on the floor. With multi colored flakes, these epoxy floors are just one more unique look for your home or business space.
Now what are these incredibly different floors made of? Well, there are three categories epoxy coatings fall into: 100% epoxy floor coatings, water-based epoxy floor coatings, and solvent based floor coatings. One Hundred Percent solid epoxy floors are highly durable and impact resistant, these floors have lifespans well over 20 years and are highly encouraged for any space that has high foot-traffic. These floors are abrasion and chemical resistant, and when professionally installed, these coatings bond with the concrete substrate and protect the concrete from the outside world. Water-based epoxy floors are considered and often times used as either primers or sealers for your floors. However, these floors have a high-gloss finish and still have the ability, like 100% epoxy coatings, to penetrate your concrete’s surface and protect it from chemicals, stains, and wear and tear. Finally, solvent-based epoxy coatings are much thinner layers that could be used as only a primer or sealer; however, specifics with this one should be discussed with a professional contractor because each flooring case is different.
Hopefully, as you can see, epoxy floor coatings are versatile and quick to install. There are endless options for design and all are bound to last you for decades when installed by a professional.