Epoxy flooring is one of the hottest trending flooring systems sweeping the nation. Interior designers are rushing to be the first ones with new and innovative designs that only epoxy floors can offer. San Diego, California is a beautiful area with temperatures averaging in the high 60s year-round, so what does epoxy have to do with the weather patterns in San Diego? Everything. Strong, resilient, and resistant flooring is important for every home and business and an epoxy floor can provide all of those qualities 365 days a year in gorgeous San Diego. In some states, temperature and weather patterns disrupt an epoxy flooring installation because the details for a well installed floor are much more important than people realize. This is one of the main reasons why DIY kits are the worst ideas you could have when choosing to install an epoxy floor. There are small details that are extremely important for a well installed floor. So, what does an epoxy floor offer you? They offer looks, money-saving capabilities, durability, and so many more unbeatable qualities.
Epoxy floors are some of the most affordable flooring systems you will find and not simply because of their installation fee, but their long-term results. The cost per-square foot for an epoxy floor is difficult to beat, especially when compared to any other flooring system you could think about installing. Due to the fact that epoxy floors can last for decades without needing any type of repair or replacement, their value doubles because your savings increase over time.
Have you ever wanted a floor that was durable against wear and tear from everyday use and resistant to any spills or abrasion? Then an epoxy floor is the answer to those needs. Epoxy floor coatings can last for decades without peeling, cracking, or chipping. Once the resins and hardeners that make up an epoxy floor have cured with your concrete, it becomes resistant to chemical breakdown, making these floors great for kitchens, hospitals, and all types of industrial settings. For safety in either a home or facility, you can have an epoxy floor installed to be resistant to any number of factors: fire, slipping, and water. Water-resistance is a special quality epoxy floors have, especially important for basements, garages, and warehouse settings that are exposed to humidity and water-spills. Concrete on its own is very porous and will naturally allow water to penetrate its surface. Water seeping through your concrete’s pores is problematic because your floors will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew.
Even if you’ve always wanted a wood, marble, or decorative floor, epoxy can help. The great thing about an epoxy floor is that even if it mimics some of the most delicate flooring systems, it is still strong and durable, so maintenance does not change. Epoxy stamped floors can mimic any type of flooring you are looking to install while being much easier to clean, maintain, and live with; for example, wood requires deep cleans and treatments to keep it healthy, but with a concrete stamped epoxy floor that is not the case. Whatever you decide you want your floors to appear to be, an epoxy floor requires minimal to no maintenance. How great is it that a floor that resembles delicate wood is actually resistant and durable concrete that cannot be damaged by your living or work conditions? Whether you’re looking for a commercial or residential epoxy floor, the results are ultimately the same!
For an eco-friendly and quick option, epoxy flooring is the best way to go. With so many different colors, types, textures, and patterns to choose from, it is no wonder these floors are the hottest floors around. Epoxy in any San Diego California setting is the best decision you will make.