Epoxy floors are incredibly easy to have because they are easy to maintain. Concrete epoxy is not like a tile, wood, or marble floor where care and maintenance require treatments and deep cleaning on a regular basis; however, there are a few notes to take down to ensure that your epoxy floor lasts with all of its beauty. Cleaning your floors, no matter how little maintenance is required to keep up aesthetics, is always important for hygienic purposes; furthermore, cleaning with harsh products or scrubbing too strongly could actually damage your floors.

Learning to clean an epoxy floor is like unlearning everything you’ve been told about cleaning floors. Although these floors are tough and durable, scrubbing in soapy or harsh chemicals can dull the shine off of your floors quickly and noticeably. Mopping is always recommended, and truly, mopping is up to your discretion, if your floors are used often then you should mop them often. Epoxy floors are easily cleaned with light soap and water if there is a major spill where more than a simple mop would clean up then it is vital that you do not deeply scrub your floors with any unnecessary force nor use acidic cleaners because, over time, they will eat away at your floors coating. Harsh and unnecessary scrubbing will dull the shine your floors have. Sweeping is another commonly suggested way to maintain clean and healthy floors because the simple action will ensure that harmful debris and dust are removed from your surface. Because epoxy flooring creates a hard barrier between the rest of the world and your floors surface, dust and debris are kept on the surface and are much easier to isolate when cleaning your floors. If you have a vacuum that will properly but gently clean hard floors, that is never an issue.
For heavy duty cleaning, you must remember that even that needs to be performed with caution. Epoxy floors, although resistant to harsh environments, will lose their glossy finishes if scrubbing is taken too far. It is important to invest in cleaning tools and supplies that will allow you to give your floors deep but gently cleans every 6 months. There are many more products available than there ever have been before that allow for soft cleaning. Many all-natural cleaning products can be used for your floors but always double check with a professional or the manufacturer of your floors epoxy coating. Some cleaners contain too much soap, and when applied to clean leave residual streaks across your floors surface making it difficult to truly see a clean floor.

Cleaning epoxy floors is actually one of the simplest parts of the entire flooring process. Daily sweeps and weekly mopping are encouraged for hygienic and safety purposes more than for the benefit of your floors. For quick easy cleans, remember, do not intensely scrub your floors, do not use soapy cleaning products, do not use vinegar or acidic products that will slowly eat away at your floors coating. Epoxy floors are easy and cost-effective floors to clean and maintain for decades down the road, for more information on how to care specifically for your floors always read or contact the manufacturer of your product or the epoxy installer.