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San Diego Rubber Floor Coating
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As the leading company in flooring installation in San Diego, California we are proud to service you and your needs. Whether you’re looking for a commercial, residential, or industrial floor installation, we can do it all!
Strong and resilient floors are important for homes and businesses alike to ensure smooth business traffic and smooth home routines. Rubber floor coatings are the best way to guarantee less attention is paid to your floors and more to the important life tasks around you. These floors are durable against even the strongest of chemicals, abrasions, and damages that life can throw at you while also being easy to clean and maintain. These high-performance floors are affordable, long-lasting, and an easy solution to any flooring problem you may have.
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What are the benefits of Rubber Floor Coatings?

Affordability, beauty, and resistance are only some of the benefits a professionally installed rubber flooring system offers you. If you have a floor that is in constant need of repair, replacement, deep cleaning, or delicate maintenance, a rubber flooring option would eliminate all of those inconveniences. This highly advanced flooring option helps protect you, your family, and your customers from hazardous situations and keeps your floors underneath crack, stain, and moisture free, so you can go about your day without worrying about damaging the rubber flooring.
Want to know more about what a rubber floor coating can offer you? Below are more of what a rubber flooring can offer:
Rubber Coating For Concrete Floors


If you have an area in your home or business that seems to hurt when you stand there for too long or if you’ve had others complain about foot issues, rubber flooring can help. Rubberized floor coatings naturally have a little more give to them, therefore, they provide a much more comfortable environment for any space that requires long periods of standing.
Gyms, kitchens, and playrooms. These floors can add an extra level of cushioning that you didn’t even know you needed. No other flooring option can give you such an incredibly responsive, soft, and strong option.
Liquid Rubber Floor Coating

Durable over the years

Rubber floor coatings are nearly impossible to dent, scratch, tear, or break, so they can last well over 20 years. Rubberized coatings can be used in a variety of areas, making them great for different parts of your home or sections in for your business.
A properly installed rubber floor coating can withstand even the most uncommon of situations and circumstances, so you never have to worry about how your floors are holding up.
Roll On Rubber Floor Coating


Due to the fact that your floors will be stain resistant, they are much easier to care for. Other floors have issues with discoloration or need constant deep cleaning and treatments but with rubberized flooring, those disadvantages are removed completely. Generally speaking, all you need to clean up any mess or spill is a broom or a wet mop but if the mess is much more serious, check with our professionals prior to applying any harsh cleaners to your floors
Rubberized Epoxy Floor Coating


The advancement in rubber technology now allows home owners, business owners, and interior designers to pick from many different styles for flooring.
The variation in color, texture, and patterns have made rubber flooring options some of the most popular installations. If you’re looking for a new and modern look for your home or business, considering a rubberized flooring installation is a smart decision because of the unlimited mix and match options you are presented with when the flooring system is professionally installed.


Smooth rubberized floors are extremely resistant to some of the most unexpected issues that could ruin your day, your home, or your business.
Rubber floor coatings are slip-resistant, fire-resistant, and water-resistant. Water can easily damage almost any floor, causing mold and mildew buildup or discoloration but with a rubber floor coating, those issues are removed. Rubber flooring is also resistant to high-impact and abrasions, making it the best option for any highly used area of your home or business.
San Diego Rubber Floor Coating

Quick & Affordable

Rubber flooring is the easiest product to install in any living or business space that requires little disturbance. With a rubber flooring for your business you do not have to worry about any long-term disruptions because rubber floors are quickly installed.
On average $3-$8 is the price tag you could be looking at and what a price! This type of long-lasting flooring is the most affordable with extremely attractive benefits on the market.
San Diego Rubber Floor Coating


A rubberized floor coating can be used in any setting you need it in. Schools, gyms, garages, basements, kitchens, etc. because rubber floor coatings are extremely resistant, they can outlast any other type of flooring for any situation. For more information on where rubber flooring installation can take place, give us a call.
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San Diego
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Where do we install rubber floor coatings?
Wherever you’re thinking about installing a new floor, give us a call, because we can do it all.

Rubber floor coatings are extremely versatile and offer boundless flexibility and so do we. We serve all types of settings, and our floors offer the same benefits: longevity, affordability, durability, design options, and so much more. If you have a unique flooring need, let us know, below are some of the areas and industries we serve:
  • Kitchens, commercial and residential.
  • Garages
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Gyms
  • Retail
  • Dealerships
Commercial Rubber Floor Coating
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